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Funnels are all about traffic but before talking about the traffic. I want you to understand the LAW OF AVERAGE. I came to know about this Law from the Book “Questions are the answers by Allan Pease”  

It states that when you show your business model to 10 people, only 7 will pay attention to it, 5 will be interested and only 2 or 3 will invest in it same happens in the customer funnel, so the same law will work in the customer funnel and for your website traffic. You can write like this.

10: 7: 5 : 3

Now Answer is here only

If you want to have more paying customers for your startup, you should have a large number of leads in the broadest part of your funnel

Do read my previous article on customer funnel to understand better. 

Measuring traffic is also important, to know what is the source of traffic. For that Google Analytics is the best tool out there. It can also be used as a website visitor tracking software.

You must continue to fill the top of the funnel with leads in order to send them down the funnel and generate more conversions.

Paid Traffic

Its definition is included in its name. any traffic that gives you leads for which you pay. It can be based on per lead, per click, per conversion. one thing that you need to remember here is that some quantitative metric is given to you to measure the leads. This can also be considered as a website traffic generator as you actually buy web traffic. Some of the most often used methods for generating traffic include:

Math is so simple that if you increase your budget it will increase website traffic. 

People respond to adverts, content, public relations, and other sponsored sources to create paid traffic. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this form of traffic. 

  • The leads which you generate with paid traffic will have a low affinity with your brand.
  • It will be difficult for you to convert these leads into actual paying customers.
  • The leads which you will generate from paid traffic will be cold leads and it will require a lot of effort from your side to nurture. 

Earned Traffic

It is generally a free website traffic generator. Any traffic which comes to your website from your brand name is known as earned traffic because you earned it. It is the most valuable traffic for you and this type of traffic can become your actual customer. as people are looking for their specific niches or problem and your brand is helping them out this will increase the lead’s belief in you. some of its characteristics are: 

  • Leads that you will get from this type of traffic are high-quality leads because of the trustworthy factor.
  • People feel confident and comfortable about your brand and they will recommend your brand in their circle. People will refer to your brand. Just like an iPhone user refers for buying iPhone to android users.

Owned Traffic

Any traffic which you get from your audience, who know you and your brand personally is known as owned traffic. you have their details like name, email, etc. blogs, email list are some sources of owned traffic. this can also be your high-qualified leads as the leads connect with you stronger.

Try to build your email list in exchange for free valuable stuff to your audience. This will be a lead magnet. Try to help genuinely to your audience.

After writing this post I tweeted as I love to do that.

Final Words

No matter which traffic you are getting, the most important part is to convert leads into sales. Try to build owned traffic in a high volume. leads from paid traffic can also become your owned traffic, you just need to deliver value to them. The last two methods are the way that can get traffic to your website for free. 

I hope, I gave you some insights about web traffic, If you have any queries related to the same then do leave a comment, I will respond to it. 

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To your Success

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