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Special Invoice by GST Tax Invoice

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All business are directly paying tax to government so that are GST Tax Payers. The consumer who has purchase goods or taken services form the GST-registered business are indirectly GST Tax Payers

An invoice is a document that a supplier sends to the buyer/receiver of goods or services. Tax Invoice purely depends on GST-registered business who is issuing the Tax Invoice. Let’s have a look on different types of GST Tax Payers. 

GST Tax Invoice from Non-banking finance company, insurance company, banking company, financial institution

When the supplier is an insurance company, a bank, a financial institution, or a non-bank financial corporation, the document provided in place of a tax invoice should have all of the characteristics of a tax invoice. The serial number and recipient’s address, on the other hand, are optional.

GST Tax Invoice from Input Sevice Distributor

The Input Service Distributor’s name, address, and GSTIN. A financial year’s worth of consecutive serial numbers. The year it was published. Name, address, and GSTIN of the person to whom the credit is given. The quantity of credit that has been distributed. The Input Service Distributor’s or the ISD’s authorized representative’s signature or digital signature.

GST Tax Invoice from Goods Transportation Agency

The GTA is obligated to give a standard tax invoice or an equivalent document containing these supplementary facts when moving goods by road in a goods carriage. The consignment’s gross weight, The consignor’s and consignee’s names. The number assigned to the goods carriage/vehicle in which the items are conveyed. Transported Goods Specifications Details about the origin and destination locations. The GSTIN of the person who is responsible for paying taxes, whether as a consignor, consignee, or products transportation agency.

GST Tax Invoice from Passenger Transportation Agency

If the provider is providing passenger transportation services, a tax invoice, which can also be a ticket, should be issued. All of the parts of a tax invoice should be included in this form. The serial number and recipient’s address, on the other hand, are optional.

  • Transport of goods without an Invoice

An invoice is a necessary document for the shipping of goods. However, in rare situations, instead of issuing an invoice, the consignor might submit a delivery challan at the time of removal of goods.

Only supply liquid gas when the quantity is unknown at the time of removal from the supplier’s place of business. Goods transportation for job labour. Transportation of products for any other cause than supply. Any additional supply that the government has approved.

A serial number should be assigned to the delivery challan. There should be no more than 16 characters in the serial number. The following are additional details that should be included in a delivery challan: The delivery challan’s date and number. Consigner’s name, address, and GSTIN are all registered. If the consignee is registered, include his or her name, address, and GSTIN or UIN. Goods’ HSN code and description The amount of items that are being carried. Goods with a taxable value. Tax rate and tax amount are bifurcated. In the event of an Inter-State Movement, the location of supplies. Signature

Transport of semi-knocked-down and entirely knocked-down goods

When the things are semi-knocked down or entirely knocked down before being transported.

Before the first consignment is dispatched, the supplier should produce a comprehensive invoice. The Supplier shall send a delivery challan for each successive shipment, referencing the previously issued Invoice. A copy of the matching delivery challan and a fully verified copy of the invoice should be included in each shipment. Along with the last consignment, the original copy of the invoice should be supplied.

Final Words

The delivery challan must be prepared in triplicate according to the guidelines. The original copy is for the consignee, the duplicate copy is for the transporter, and the triplicate copy is for the consigner.

I hope, I gave you some insights about GST Tax Invoice and delivered it in the best possible way. 

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