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The formula of affluent owned traffic

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Owned traffic can be your biggest intangible asset because you have complete authority over this type of traffic. Leads that you generate from this type of business are familiar with your brand.

You need to have more and more leads at the top of your funnel. Remember the Law of Average rule which I explained in the types of traffic article.  

This law works in every business. 

You must continue to fill the top of the funnel with leads in order to send them down the funnel and generate more conversions.

Characteristics of Owned Traffic

  • There is the highest number of chances that your leads will convert into actual paying customers.
  • It has the potential to help you in generating earned traffic.

One of the main objectives of marketing activity is to increase the capacity to create owned traffic.

Building an email list is the first step. You can have “N” numbers of ways to build the email list. you can reach your leads and customers as you want to. some of the ways are explained below.

  • Paid Ads:- You can target a specific audience and offer a freebie like an ebook, etc. in exchange for their email. 
  • Blogs:- You can write about your niches and you can write about the problem in your niche so that you can help other people who are in the same niche. Delivering value without expecting anything from them should be your main focus. 
  • Videos:- Statics reports that people love to watch more videos instead of reading. You already know How Youtube became an essential part of your life.

These channels can be managed by yourself or by a third party or company.

Since you are maintaining email lists. I would like to tell you that with lots of information you have lots of responsibility. 

A permission-based email list is made up of people who genuinely want to hear from your company. You’re creating a relationship with your consumers while simultaneously expanding your opt-in email list. therefore never buy or download any email list from any website or any third person. 

How to start the journey of Owned Traffic

  • Go to Email Marketing Websites such as Mailchimp, ConverKit, OptinMonster, SendinBlue, etc. 
  • Create an account with any of the websites.
  • Configure a form or a landing page. 
  • You can also offer a Lead Magnet (ebook, courses, video, Spreadsheet, etc.) for which people are ready to give you your details like Name, Email, etc.
  • Construct a sequence for delivering the email.
  • Go deep into the automation. 
  • Try to get traffic on your landing page where people can see your giveaway.
  • Traffic sources can be Paid on social media platforms.
The formula of affluent owned traffic - The formula of affluent owned traffic

Final Words

  • Do try to make relationships with your email list for longevity.
  • Always try to deliver more value in free 
  • Use the automation feature of Email Marketing tools.

I hope, I gave you some insights about the owned traffic,

If you have any queries related to the same then do leave a comment, I will respond to it. 

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