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Rules and Mistakes in Business Canvas Model

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You must have heard about NORTH KOREA, where the government expects extreme loyalty from its citizens. A place where citizens have to follow a big lot of rules and regulations.

Well, You can make your business canvas model the way you want, but here I want to discuss some rules and regulations that should be followed while making a business canvas model. 

I want to discuss these rules because anyhow these will impact your business model directly or indirectly. 

I believe you have read the introduction of the Business Model. If not then you can read by clicking on this link. as this article is of no use if you have not read my previous articles.


Try to be short and crystal clear.

Always write short so that you can be specific for the column. Just like in our childhood we always write the heading of an essay in 2-3 words. 

  • It is a tool, not a Worksheet, that you have to just fill.

Take as much time as you can take. Think deep while writing this.

  • Do rough work

You can also do some rough work before actually creating this model. Do also prepare some notes while creating this business canvas model

  • Do write the things in Highlighted form so that you will give more importance to them.


You can also shortcodes or symbols for the business canvas model. Let me show my shortcode’s list.

  • ! means important
  • @ means at the price of per unit
  • $ means revenue.
  • * means domestic markets or within Indian Boundaries
  • *^ means International markets
  • + means collaboration between two business or their models
  • ( means Money is inflowing in the company 
  • ) means Money is outflowing in the company

Final Words

So these are some rules and mistakes which you have to keep in mind.

I hope, I have thoroughly explained to you, with this article we have completed the series of Business Canvas Model. If you still have queries related to the Same you can leave a comment. I will surely respond to it. DO SHARE THIS ARTICLE with your friends or family who are engaged in any startup or business. 

To your Success

-Rajat Negi, Logging Out 1f917 - Rules and Mistakes in Business Canvas Model

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